‘Fingerstyle 360’ U.S. guitar magazine

“Darragh O’Neill, is one of the best players, composers for guitar today…

one of the best I’ve ever heard” – Bill Pilburn.


Per-Olov Kindgren

”I have had the pleasure of enjoying Darragh O’Neill’s CD Fountain and his artistry is unsurpassed. Mr. O’Neill plays with with a virtuoso technique but still, always keeps the music in mind and in the foreground, just as it should be. I also enjoy many of his other compositions, finding them expressive, innovative and fun to play. I’m sure his new book will be well received among today’s classical guitarists.”


Leslie Cassidy

”Darragh O’Neill is that rare combination of composer, arranger and performer that only comes along once in a long while. His talent and personality are a breath of fresh air on the guitar scene. I am honoured that he once took lessons from me.”


Simon Fox

”His set brought the house down! It was one of those rare things you only see every ten years.” (At ADGPA Italia, International Guitar Convention 2014)


Glen Hansard

“Darragh O’Neill has the gift of knowing that to command your instrument alone closes a door on the possible. His mastery is that he gives the instrument itself an equal say in the music. His music breaths with something ‘other’ it threads water, its between worlds… ‘into the somnambulistic’ his music is ageless like all the good stuff. His playing is masterful. He listens while he is playing, a rare thing.”


Carlos Bonell

“Darragh O`Neill is a guitarist with wonderful sensibility and artistry. He follows in the great and noble tradition of performer composers as a brilliant interpreter of his own music. As guitarist he brings delicacy and virtuosity in equal measure to other composers music as he does to his own. His music possesses a rare and deceptive simplicity, which touches the heart of the listener while at the same time firing the imagination.”


Max Greenwood

“…. the fantastic Darragh O’Neill Ireland’s finest guitarist. I’ve not been able to stop listening to the 6 original compositions of his on his latest album.”


Tommy Emmanuel

“You gotta check out this guy’s right hand…”


Gareth Pearson

”You’re concert blew me away!” (On Darragh’s performance at ADGPA Italia, International Guitar Convention 2014)



”I finally got around to listening to Fountain and its a real gem. Its a long time since I’ve heard such evocative rich melodies played like that. I have it playing on loop…” – John Lambert.


The Irish Times –

“O’Neill’s compositions are descriptive, openly charming, and so based on traditional guitar techniques that they seem to spring from inside the instrument.­ O’Neill’s most engaging qualities are his combination of subtle musicianship and knack for intimate music-making. His stylistic awareness matched the wide range of periods and compositional styles. The folk-influenced baroque style of Bach’s older Spanish contemporary, Gaspar Sanz, was captured with a flamenco-like flair.”


Peter Sheppard Skaerved

“In his time at the London College of Music Darragh distinguished himself as a musician of immense potential, combining huge reserves of talent, intellect and resourcefulness. He is also noteworthy as a leader and a collaborator, stimulating inspiring projects and inspiring people to work together, which is a golden ability in our field. He has a chance to be a great ambassador for his art, both through his communicative and musical gifts.”


Harry White, Head of Music Dept. University College Dublin

“Darragh O’Neill is one of the most talented and gifted musicians whom I have encountered in fifteen years of university teaching… he is an exceptionally proficient and musical classical guitarist… Darragh O’Neill is one of the most promising of our young musicians.”


Pat Coldrick

”The Music of Darragh O’Neill is an important and refreshing addition to the guitar repertoire. Not only do his compositions contain a delightful spirit of originality, they also paint many pictures, giving the listener a sense of colour, mood and honesty. A beautiful collection of pieces, which will be a great asset to all performing guitarists and students alike. This new publication is very special and unique.”